Kenny Kambo, one of the productive producers and directors of Ugawood, is the third guest of our investigation. Kambo evaluated Ugawood’s unique aspects and competing sectors to SineBlog.

Who is Kenny Kambo?

Born in 1992 in Uganda. He has been working as a filmmaker since 2013. As a producer and director of “A Time Premier Movie Company Uganda Limited”, he has produced many films. He is married and has three children.

Uganda is endowed with unique cultural costumes compared to other countries globally. And these costumes paves away for Ugandan movies to look so different in the market of Cinemas all over the World. These cultural costumes are; – “GOMES” for ladies wear and “KANZU” for men wears. When a Uganda person wears one of these cultural costumes in the movie, it totally brings to life the culture of Uganda to be so different compared to the cultural wears of the rest of the World. For example my own produced movie “AMADDA GA KABAKA” ( THE RETURN OF THE KING), Gomes and Kanzu wear the characters costumes and it paved a much way for this movie to look so different from the foreign movies.

Bamasaba Byekhale (2015)

And a third costume is the “BACKCLOTH”. This is mostly being used in the adventure movies of kingship in order to bring up the true culture of Uganda to the modern World, since the ancestors of Uganda people wore backcloth in their regime. And when this backcloth appears in one of the Ugandan Movie, it paves away for the Ugandan movie industry to look totally different compared to other countries movie industries when it comes to costumes. For example my produced movie “BAMASABA BYEKHALE” (THE ORIGIN OF GISU) and “PARADISE FOREST”. Both these two movie looks unique compared to foreign movies due to the backcloth costumes.

Paradise Forest (2018)

Uganda movie/film writers always develop and write stories based on Uganda cultures which make the produced movies to be unique before the viewers in the story telling compared to the foreign movies. These unique indigenous stories helps the writers in various aspects of their views in order to tell the exact local story to their audiences through screen acting with a base line of the culture setting in social, economic and political aspects. Such as my own produced movies with indigenous stories are: - NO GOING BACK HOME, PARADISE FOREST, BAMASABA BYEKHALE, AMADDA GA KABAKA, JINJA OPPORTUNITY, and THE VODU.

No Going Back Home (2017)

Uganda is endowed with equatorial and tropical forests, water bodies and mountains. These magnificent sceneries gives a unique good looking natural picture of a movie which makes our movies easier to shoot where you are in Uganda according to the scenery needed in the movie and produces a unique movie compared to the foreign movies.  For example the sceneries in my own produced movies like;- BAMASABA BYEKHALE in English THE ORIGIN OF GISU, PARADISE FOREST, WHERE THE HEART LAYS, THE VODU and NO GOING BACK HOME


We movie makers in Uganda, we have fought so hard in order to see that we conquer movie market in our own the country Uganda. Since our Competitors’ movies are everywhere in the whole country pirated. In early 2000, Nigerian movies were beyond the expected demands on the Ugandan market and we worked so hard to see that movie goers adopt a feeling of falling for our Ugandan movies than the Nigerian.

The Vodu (2018)

And as per now, our Ugandan movies are on demand than the Nigerian movies in the country. But outside the country, our Ugandan movies haven’t adopted as much as for other countries. When we talk of the movie market competition in Uganda, Ugandan movies are not competing with any African country on the Uganda movie market. Apart from the Hollywood Movies, Bollywood movies, Chinese movies and Korean movies and these countries movies are on a high demand just because they are being pirated and there are of big budget than ours. So it can be silly to say that they are our competitors, all in all are not our competitors.

Abdul Aziz (2018)

In Uganda movie industry, we do produce various categories of movies genre. Like in my own production company “A TIME PREMIER MOVIE COMPANY UGANDA LIMITED” I have produced different genre of movies namely;- JEMMY AND JERRY HOIST is a drama  love story, THE VODU is a thriller, BAMASABA BYEKHALE is a cultural adventure, WHERE THE HEART LAYS is a love story drama, HIGH SCHOOL STYLE OF BUGISU HIGH is an education genre, INITIATOR is spiritual genre, NO GOING BACK HOME is a thriller, PARADISE FOREST is a horror, JINJA OPPORTUNITY is a social life drama, ABDUL AZIZ  is an action genre, THE MISSION is also an action genre, AMADDA GA KABAKA is a historical genre and VICTIMS is a detective genre.